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Are you facing a decision about your future in work, education or life? Suprisingly, your talents may never have come to light in school or work.

Don’t make guesses: Take an educated approach to your future with the gold standard in career testing and comprehensive counseling.

Early Career


Find the right path forward with a career test that can point the way. Learn more…

We Help You…

  • Gain clarity about your strengths and a vision for your future
  • Develop an action plan that will jumpstart your career
  • Conduct a strategic job search for a target that’s right for you

We Tailor a Program to Fit Your Schedule

  • In person in Chicago or by Skype everywhere
  • Sliding scale hourly fees: no big packages to buy

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Why We’re Different

OUR TOOLS We use assessments that vary in price from an illuminating free exercise to the gold standard in aptitude testing, The Highlands Ability Battery. Read more…

OUR APPROACH We look at the “Whole Person,” a comprehensive model developed by the Highlands Company, including 8 factors critical to finding success and satisfaction. Read more…

We use the same strategic job search methods as the top outplacement companies, but at affordable prices.